Side Charts June 15th

side charts june 15th
$AXON nice curl here and push today, lookg for 22.5 break for con tomorrow. Nice bullish look

$SPNC range break on watch, 29.38 area must break and we should see a push

$RARE nice curl and reclaim of the 50ema, I think this will cont tomorrow if it can hold the 50ema, 62.8 break on watch, look to grab 61’s

$CCE nice downtrend break and range test, ww now for dt break confirmation and then range break test, can see a nice push

Side Charts June 14th

siode charts
$OMER looking for cont tomorrow, nice range break on daily with +vol, room to 21
Alert: Bid>20.1

$PLNT like the daily range break here, chart is primed to push into 23 area
Alert: Bid 22.15

$SRPT Nice 50ema reclaim and close above, I think this can see some cont tomorrow
Alert: Bid>33

$GBT Similar to SRPT nice 50 ema reclaim, looking for cont.
Alert: BID>31

Side Charts June 13th

side hcrats june 13
$CCUR looking for a flag break to go long, chart is setup to push, should see a nice move if it breaks res.
Alert: Bid>6.99

$DVAX flagging on the daily with room to 11, I like this for continuation tomorrow if it holds above 8
Alert: Bid>7.9

$CVNA nice daily here, small flag break think we see some continuation esp if we break 14.5
Alert: Bid>14.5

$GDEN big move today on the breakout, look for a pull back to 19 to take some long for cont.
Alert: Ask<19.5

Side Charts June 9th

side charts june 9th
$EWBC nice chart, setup for a range break and push. The res breaks this will run.
Alert: Bid> 57.24

$LTXB Nice curll off this little downtrend, above all ema’s here looks good to push once we break 38.9 it should pop.
Alert: Bid>38.9

$MHLD Nice downtrend break and curl off the bottom, ww long if this can break and hold the 50ema, actually a nice swing idea if it does.
Alert: Bid>11.5

$HBHC Love this chart. Set up for a range break and we should see a strong push
Alert: Bid>49.5

Side charts June 8th

side charts 8th
$BZUN nice flag break here, looking for the range break then we go para, nice chart.

$HOME nice range break today, would love a pull back to grab some long around 21-20.5, if it breaks 23 it will go para, worth a scalp through there.
Alert: Bid>22.5

$MASI nice curl here, holding above 50ema with some vol, room to 94.22 and then alot of room on the range break.
Alert: Bid>92.15

$SYNA room here to 61.88, nice chart, ww the range break if it breaks 61.88.
Alert: Bid>61

Side Charts June 7th

side charts june 7th
$VIVE nice curl off the 50ema, ww the 8 test soon could run nicely.
Alert: Bid>8

$DNOW Looking for the range break here, will make a nice push if so. Chart is setup will see. Must break the res before you get in!
Alert: Bid>18.25

$VLRS range breaking, looking for cont higher. Looks good.
Alert: Bid> 14.05

$LXU nice curl, we should see cont tomorrow.
Alert: Bid >10.25

Side Charts June 6th

side charts june 6th
$OR nice daily breakout here, looking for cont tomorrow. Worth grabbing a long on a pullback
Alert: Bid>12.25

$NAV nice breakout on daily, looking for cont tomorrow as well. 28-28.5 would be great long spot
Alert: Ask < 28.75

$FGEN nice downtrend break on daily , now looking for the range break here then a push and cont.
Alert: Bid>29

$AAWW Nice curl and reclaim of the 50ema, look for this to push more tomorrow, 52.5 break will be key
Alert: Bid>52.5