Side Charts April 25th

side charts tom

$SRPT ww the double top test, if it breaks it should push nicely with some room to 38 area.
Alert Bid>34.9

$AAOI nice downtrend break and push today, will be added to S&P tom, expect continuation and push in the 50 area.
Alert Bid<48.75

$GBT Recent upgraded +, broke out of consolidation today and closed above the 50ema, room to 31.2, breaks that it can move.
Alert Bid>30.9

$AKTX should come back to test the recent uptrend and 13ema, up on air, Adam F negative on it. ww short.
Alert Ask<17

Side Charts April 21st

side charts

$BXC on watch for range break at 9.7, currently testing the top uptrend channel for breakout.
Alert: Bid>9.7

$HMNY on watch for continuation tom if vol comes in, over the 50 ema, breaks the 3.4 spot can push. Thing sells off quick so will be in and out
Alert: Bid>3.4

$VJET nice curl and 50 ema break and hold, potential to push up now
Alert: Bid>3.1

$SPU broke out into the gap, this name usually sells off but will watch for vol and continuation as it does have some room here and it likes to move.
Alert: Bid>3.78

Mid Week ETF Look



$SPY trying to hold the 50ema, no edge on direction here, will look for a reclaim short term howeverUSO

$USO breaking the uptrend, expect it to reclaim it short term.


$GDX rejected off the 200sma last week, I expect a nice bounce here off the trend and 50emaIBB

$IBB looking for the uptrend test next few days which should hold and bounce off of.

April 20th Side charts

side charts tom.JPG


$CBMX ww the dt test and break tomorrow, could run as it is a former.
Alert: Bid>5.15

$AYX little flag break and curl here, ww it over 17 area for a pop to the all time high 17.5
Alert: Bid>17

$ASUR nice curl here, reclaimed the 13ema should push up into the 50ema, nice vol today.
Alert: Bid> 10.20

$QBAK broke the h/s today into the close, ww it over 5.66 level tomorrow for continuation
Alert: Bid> 5.66

April 19 Side charts

side charts
$SHLD nice break of the recent range, this should push higher in the next few sessions. Over 14.16 we should see 14.75 fairly quick
Alert: Bid > 14.16

$GNC nice move today after e/r, we break 9.25 we should push back up. Over the 50ema, chart is fairly beaten down worth watching.
Alert: Bid>9.25

$VIVE Bullish look with room, stock moves quick so will be on watch for an 8.05 break.
Alert: Bid>8.05

$COOL ww the downtrend here, we break it and confirm we should pop fairly quick.
Alert: Bid>13.9

Side Charts April 18th

side charts tomorrow


$CORT looking for h/s test next few session, if it breaks should push to that recent high
Alert: Bid>11.4

$PLSE looking for 26 break for next leg up, looks like it will push more imo.
Alert: Bid>26

$CMRE nice range break pattern here, need to push then break 7.25 aka the 200sma,
Alert: Bid>7.25

$BLCM like the little flag that has formed here on the daily, needs to hold it and then break that recent high and we should see room into 14’s
Alert: Bid>13.67

Side Charts April 13th

side charts
$STKS close over the 200sma, looks good if it can hold it, should push higher off the recent flag break

Alert: Bid>2.4

$AUXO looking for this to break that 6.46 range, nice flag forming should push higher

Alert: Bid>6.46

$VKTX ww the that dt test, if it breaks we should flag out, little room on this low float

Alert: Bid>1.45

$CBMX ww the bounce off the 50ema, it has bounced fierce in the past off that support

Alert: Bid<4.6