Side Charts June 22nd

side charts june 22
$ESPR beuty break out, looking for cont tomorrow over 41, would love a 38.5 pull back in the am to take some more long
Alert: Bid>41

$AXON nice range break, looking for more if 24.24 can break to test those recent highs
Alert: Bid>24.24

$MRK on watch for the range break tomorrow, if it does it will push.
Alert: Bid> 65.62

$AKAO nice recent dt break, think we see cont tomorrow, room to 24.2 area
Alert: Bid> 23.5

Side Charts June 21

side charts june 21
$PIRS nice curl here and mini flag setting up, think we should see some cont tomorrow
Alert: Bid>4.6

$PTGX Light vol but has been grinding up, nice ema holds across the board and range break today, looking for cont if 12.4 breaks
Alert: Bid>12.4

$BAX downtrend break and curl into range break test, like the chart for a test, if it breaks go long.
Alert: Bid>60.45

$ORCL recent range break and curl, think we see more cont tomorrow.
Alert: Bid>46.33

Side Charts June 20th

side charts june 20th
$COST nice swing play here, held the 200sma. Looking for a reversal over next few days
Alert Bid>165

$BLUE nice flag break, looking for continuation into the weekend (phase 3 data due) we should see a push
Alert Bid>114.9

$ASPS nice curl down here , massive short interested and recent range break. Like this for continuation into the 50ema.
Alert: Bid>22.57

$DVAX flag break, room to 11, look for continuation tomorrow into 9+
Alert: Bid>8.57

Side Charts June 16th

side charts tom
$ADMP great PDUFA news today and huge vol, looking for continuation tomorrow as we are into the gap. 6.4 first target then 7.05 area
Alert: Bid>6.15

$RELY nice curl down here and 50ema cross and close over, would like to see cont into 3.5 area, that breaks then we will have room.
Alert: Bid>3.2

$NTRI Would like to see cont into the dt test, worth a look if the 73 spot breaks, should push.
Alert: Bid>73

$TRCO nice break and push today, would like to see a pull back to 40 area for a long and then cont.
Alert: Ask<40.5

Mid Week ETF Look

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$SPY holding the channel here so we are still ok, I do think we come back and test in the near future. Not to worried still above all ema support

$IBB Nice push lately and range break test, bullish look I think we retest and break through pushing higher near term

$USO in a nice downtrend of the crude oil bear flag confirmation, next support 9 which we will hit imo

$GDX big day from FOMC break 22.2 support but closed above, I believe we retest and break near term and head lower to the trend line

Side Charts June 15th

side charts june 15th
$AXON nice curl here and push today, lookg for 22.5 break for con tomorrow. Nice bullish look

$SPNC range break on watch, 29.38 area must break and we should see a push

$RARE nice curl and reclaim of the 50ema, I think this will cont tomorrow if it can hold the 50ema, 62.8 break on watch, look to grab 61’s

$CCE nice downtrend break and range test, ww now for dt break confirmation and then range break test, can see a nice push

Side Charts June 14th

siode charts
$OMER looking for cont tomorrow, nice range break on daily with +vol, room to 21
Alert: Bid>20.1

$PLNT like the daily range break here, chart is primed to push into 23 area
Alert: Bid 22.15

$SRPT Nice 50ema reclaim and close above, I think this can see some cont tomorrow
Alert: Bid>33

$GBT Similar to SRPT nice 50 ema reclaim, looking for cont.
Alert: BID>31