Swing Alert Ideas June 22nd

swing idea s

$TWLO nice curl here, I think we see cont after we break 29.73 as we still have some room to the upside, nice chart

$SHOP nice curl here, think we see some continuation into the 95-96 spot short term

$ESPR Looking for continuation into recent highs

$TDOC breaking recent highs still like this chart to push higher and test top channel, breaking out


$ACOR similar to TWLO, beaten down with room, lovely chart for more long

$TK Nice dt break here, think we see a nice bounce, beaten down chart, room to 50ema on daily should be good for .7- $1pt

$ADMP nice flag forming here, think this tests recent highs soon.

$XTNT small penny curling, I do think we could see a pop in this soon, closing over the 200sma today would be very bullish imo